Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Day 14 !

Ever wondered at little details while drinking coffee or tea? What if those tiny specs or shapes were little beings? What are they? What do they do? Are they just little old men who are peacefully fishing for something ? Or taking a steam bath? Who knows, right?

Day 13 - 2days late!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Day 12

Moving house. So for today and tomorrow, old doodles. I apologise for my weak bones =P

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Day 11

Day 10

I did this coupla months ago for a story but  I never posted it. So, voila. Blogger gave me problems yesterday so could not post the doodle for the day. 

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Friday, 17 June 2011

Day 6

                                                          Pirate toad. Story coming soon!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day 5!

Little green haired superhero ME ! Love Marvel and DC and always wished I was a superhero, so there! My newly green dyed hair might have some superpowers. Shall delve into that on another doodle ;)
Day 5 - Marvel face studies......!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

This is for day 4!

Got a bit ahead of myself as I was excited to do this! Good start to day four so far.....Hope I keep this up. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Day 3 - Explorers ahoy!

                                                                 My best mate and I !
This doodle-a-day seems to be of some entertainment. My best mate decides to write this dream sequence of his, inspired by the doodle! 
Excited….!!! Life feels rejuvenated in the morning when I recollect the night’s dream. Yes, I dreamt last night like every other night. This time it was a travel documentary that my friend and I tried to film. We are adventurous and random people by nature and to have done something like sailing on the Atlantic from Greenland to Africa was cake walk.
It all started in the Northern Norwegian Islands when we’d gone there to learn the new forms of the Scandinavian language. On the walk back home after a calm evening at the endangered Norwegian folk music concert, my friend spoke to me about her fantasy for sailing and that she wanted to travel the oceans until she encountered the Blue whale in person.  It sounded exciting enough to call for a sail on the first morning we finished packing. The whole night we spent planning our journey and packing our bags but it wasn’t until the following morning we realized that we didn’t have a boat or a ship. After a prolonged search for one, it was evident that they weren’t available in any of the super markets in town. We were disheartened by the evening as we sat in a local bar consuming beer made of olive leaves and malted sugars and decided to go for a walk in the beach. We walked for a mile, envying the fortune of all the lights that we could see in the darkness of the roaring sea.
 After the 1st mile we found a small round boat used for catching squid by the fishermen. This was it, our desperate drunk selves wouldn’t let us spare that for the poor fishermen. We took a bamboo, tore a part of our clothing and raised the sail to sail away to glory. By this time we had one bamboo, one telescope and one pair of clothes that we were wearing.
We were so tired after the well executed robbery and were down to sleep. The next morning just as the sun was out I felt the fingers of my friend scratching my head. Assuming it was her peculiar style of waking a person I woke up and realized I was alone on the boat. Shoot…!!! Where is she gone..?? Who was scratching my head..??? I panicked and started circling around the same place I was standing.  Just about that time I heard her voice from the water, “Hey, there is a chameleon on your head”, again I go shoot…..!!!! Why is a lizard on my head..?? How did it get on the boat..??
Yes…!! Now I know it was the girl. She’d mentioned before about how she loved chameleons. She brought this freaky little thing on the boat, where place wasn’t enough for both of us to stand. But poor little thing appeared cute to her and I let her have it on one condition that it will stay on her head and not mine.
Every evening of a day in the endless ocean we’d say to each other “Our journey ends when we meet the horizon”. But both of us didn’t know which side of the horizon to reach first. We normally start by deciding between East and West; and it was customary that she reminds our discussion that we need to choose a way to find a blue whale and not the horizon. So we conclude to travel further north to the Arctic, hoping to find some.
We travelled for a year in similar fashion and decided to take a break in the first port we have seen in a year. We landed and ensured the safety of our transport by anchoring it. We were wondering about what happened to the world in the one year we went searching for a blue whale.
People in this land were welcoming and spoke a funny language. We found a small day job in the harbor  which gave us assurance that our boat was safe and we earned a living to resume the search again. Gradually we were getting used to the place, the people and the climate. It was  dry and hot during the second quarter of a year, rain in the third through the fourth leaving the second half of the fourth and the 1st  quarter to moderate winter.
We were a happy family and named our chameleon “Atticus”. By this time I was still unsuccessful in getting the chameleon down from my head and got used to the scratching to an extent that I started missing it when Atticus sleeps. We rest a while in South Africa where we landed and decide to journey north to see the Pyramids……. Now that’s a whole new dream.

                                                                                                              - Captain S.R.Barnacle
Land, ahoy! Nice one mate ! 

Monday, 13 June 2011

Day 2 - June 14th.....Early morning....

A doodle a day!

                                                                   June 13th - Day 1 !
Well, I was talking to some of my friends about superpowers and what powers we would love to have. Nobody wanted Batman 'cos he has no "super"powers but boy, he is the most intelligent and super-cool superhero according to me. And I picked Supergirl's powers so I called dibbs on the Bat for a crime-fighting partner and did this because this doesn't happen in the comic book world. However lame this is, I had fun drawing and painting this!