Tuesday, 26 April 2011

On books becoming ebooks

Good or bad, its happening. Ebooks are taking over. For those of us who love sitting in libraries, who love the smell of new and old books, for those of us who have held books and laughed or cried hugging them, we are going to miss the good old days. Until now, the world has seen just a few new technologies/inventions/discoveries per century. But this century is building up the stack so quickly that one can only imagine what comes next. Whatever happens, we must treasure the few precious things from the last century. I know I will. Starting with my 12yr old Bible, my grandmother's loving handmade birthday cards, my diaries which still have tear stains, letters from my friends, my first story books with lovely illustrations that inspired me even before I discovered Michelangelo and Bernini.
A toast to the wonderful, almost magical, fire-lit world of the past, looking forward to the future.

Goodbye. Hope we never lose the best of you. 

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  1. hey the kid waving is from the crows illustration!!!